Replacement Ditra Thermostat with the Power Module

The Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E Thermostats are designed for controlling DITRA-HEAT-E-HK heating cables, which can be either 120 V or 240 V. You can connect two heating cables to the thermostat, as long as the total heating load doesn’t exceed 15 amps. If the heating load is higher (for example, in large floor applications), you can use the power module along with the thermostat to maintain a single control point.

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Upgrading to the New Smart Ditra Thermsotat

Upgrade your existing thermostat to the smart and advanced new model – DHERT105/BW. It is also compatible with non-Schluter Thermostats, providing a seamless replacement experience. Easily change your current Schluter Thermostat to this innovative device that offers enhanced functionality. The installation process is simple and requires no additional hardware, only a stable Wi-Fi signal, and a reliable router. To ensure compliance with electrical specifications, consult with a local electrician. The DITRA-HEAT-E supports electric radiant floor heating systems with a maximum 15 amp load, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a modern and convenient thermostat. Upgrade to the DITRA-HEAT-E Smart Thermostat and embrace the change today.

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Most often issue if the thermostat is not working is GFCI triggered. Please check if this a case. Otherwise please reach Schluter Systems support.

Yes, all Ditra Heat thermostat are interchangable and can be easely replaced.

Yes, thermostat is fairly easy to replace and require a little skill. Please carefully follow the installation manual.

Yes, you can use any non-Schluter thermostat in the future. Nevertheless, please make sure it a floor heating control unit.

Ditra heat thermostats comparison

Ditra Programmable Thermostat

Let’s take a look at the three most popular Schluter Ditra heat thermostat models. They all have a common feature: a touchscreen. However, they differ in three main options. The DHERT 102/BW model is a programmable device that works independently without needing an internet connection. It provides a simple and elegant solution for controlling the temperature of your home’s floor heating.

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Ditra WiFi Thermostat

The next model, DHERT 104/BW, adds the WiFi feature. With this model, you can remotely control the floor warming temperature from anywhere in the World. It’s a perfect solution for customers who want additional functionality. For example, the WiFi touchscreen thermostat can detect open windows and automatically pause the floor heating.

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Ditra Smart Thermostat

The latest and most advanced model introduced is the Schluter thermostat flagship, the DHERT 105/BW. This thermostat can easily integrate into your Smart Home ecosystem. It features an LCD screen that works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Home ecosystems. It offers a cutting-edge and modern solution for controlling your floor heating system.

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Ditra Thermostat Features

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  • 3.5” intuitive touchscreen display
  • 6 programming periods per day
  • Ability to track and log power consumption


  • Control your floor heating system from your smartphone or online
  • Displays local temperature and weather forecast
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  • Create Scenes when multiple thermostats are installed
  • Geofencing functionality turns up the heat when you’re coming home, and detects when you’re away
  • Adaptive backlight

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